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Popular Products

7.3 ZIP-UP - Twin Pack - Retail Box

The 7.3 ZIP-UP - Twin Pack - Retail Box lets you apply the Twin Door Zippers at any width you choose. They are quick & easy to use. Tough enough for Pros.

EMF Meter

The Sper Scientific EMF Meter measures electro magnetic field emissions from electrical power lines and transmission equipment, computer, HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical appliances and equipment.

Fire Department Model - Self-Supporting Frameless Portable Water Tank

The self-supporting frameless portable water tanks have been designed to meet the most stringent requirements of rural/urban fire fighting.

Quick Support Extention Poles

Quick Support Poles for dust barriers, lead abatement enclosures, and weight support and containment on commercial and residential construction jobs.

Sc450 Cod

The SC450 is a single parameter colorimeter for water quality analysis. These rugged, waterproof, instruments are lightweight and ideal for laboratory and field testing.

Electricity and Magnetism Kit

The EMKIT1 Electricity and Magnetism Kit demonstrates all of the major physical principles of electricity, including static electricity, electrical resistance, electrochemistry, electromagnetism, and more.

Force Table

This student force table is a complete set that features a dual scale, allowing students to take readings either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Intermediate Spectrometer

The Spect02 Intermediate Spectrometer is easy to set up and easy to use and is designed for students to make precise measurements.