Since 1919, LaMotte has been a committed leader in providing quality water analysis equipment. Today, they produce the broadest line of portable test equipment, and continue to focus on your specific needs by offering improved products, strong technical support and the most extensive Custom Test Kit Service in the industry.


Today’s scientific laboratories are not exclusive to a lab setting. At Kats Enterprises, Scientific Division, we know that you need equipment that works both in the lab and in the field. This is why we provide tools that can be used in both settings.


Water testing equipment, in particular, needs to have this site flexibility. Our selection of water testing tools likely has what you are looking for. We understand that quality testing products ensure public health, so we are committed to providing the best possible tools for your organization.


Water Analysis Equipment For Lab And Field Testing


The following are just some of the water testing equipment we offer in our online store:


  • Colorimeter: The Lamotte 1910 SMART3 Colorimeter can be used in the lab or in the field. The device is available with 75 calibrations and seven languages so users can customize their product for their unique uses. This product can also hold up to 500 points of data and allows for alphabetical test selection.


  • Thermoreactor: This product is optimized for routine water inspection, as it can analyze small samples. It comes with seven programs and can compute 12 sample cuvettes. The Lamotte CR2200 thermoreactor digests the entire sample product while maintaining a high temperature.


  • Health Inspector Kit: Lamotte's ColorQ 5 Pool Health Inspector Kit is the ultimate field product. The kit includes testing products for chlorine, bromine, pH, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. This product also eliminates the need to use color testing strips, creating a more accurate testing experience.


  • Spectrophotometer: The HACH DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer streamlines the water testing process while providing more accurate results. Following the water sampling, the system quickly provides an assessment.


When it comes to water testing, even small errors make a big difference in your results. This is why we are committed to providing products that help minimize this error. With a variety of our water analysis equipment, you can have a testing product for every need. Browse our selection of equipment and contact us with any further questions.


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2020 Portable Turbidity Meters

The 2020 Portable Turbidity Meters are industry-leading precision, sensitivity, and dependability in one of the most innovative handheld meters available on the market!


Innovative new blister-style foil packaging for their DPD reagent tablets!

Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART)

A simple yet effective method for monitoring the population size and/or activity of specific groups of bacteria.

COD Heater Block

Perfect for COD, Total Phosphorus, & Total Nitrogen.

COD3 Plus Colorimeter

The COD3 Plus Colorimeter(120V/60Hz): Comes with COD Adapter, 6 sample tubes, USB adapter cable, and manual

ColorQ PRO 7

The ColorQ PRO 7 is a unique, multi-test ColorQ pool and spa hand-held photometer which reads SEVEN test factors (Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid) directly on a digital display

ColorQ TesTabs® PRO 7

The ColorQ TesTabsĀ® PRO 7 is an photometer that is easy to use and includes 100 TesTabsĀ® tablet reagents per test factor packaged in blister-style foil.

Combination Air Quality Testing Outfit

A rugged, field carrying case houses all the necessary components to measure six key pollutants in air.

Combination Buret Outfits

These outfits are packaged in cases made of rugged ABS plastic in sizes to fit three to five burets and accessories.

Deluxe Turf Lab Model TL-2

Deluxe Turf Lab Model TL-2 offers a unique method for colorimetric analysis of turf soils. The LaMotte Turf Lab outfit is designed for years of dependable performance and can be used efficiently and accurately in the field and in the lab.

Dissolved Oxygen TRACER

The Tracer PockeTester offers direct reading of Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Salinity, and Temperature with one electrode.

EC/TDS/SALT Tracer PockeTester

The Tracer PockeTester offers direct reading of Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Salinity, and Temperature with one device.

Electronic Soil Lab

The SCL-12 electronic soil lab is designed to provide a method for achieving immediate and economical soil analyses in the field without sacrificing accuracy.

Fluoride TRACER

The Fluoride Tracer PockeTester offers direct reading of Fluoride down to 0.1 ppm with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).

Hydroponics 4-in-1 Test Kit

Hydroponics 4-in-1 Test Kit allows the hydroponic hobbyist to maintain proper nutrient balance and to achieve optimum growing conditions in soil-less cultures.